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    Fast bowler Naseem Shah undergoes shoulder surgery – SUCH TV


    Pakistan’s star bowler Naseem Shah, who was injured in the match against India in the Asia Cup, on Wednesday underwent successful shoulder surgery in London.

    According to media reports, after the surgery Naseem Shah will rest for four to six weeks and will be able to start bowling after completing the rehab.

    It is pertinent to note that Naseem Shah suffered a shoulder problem in the match against India in the Asia Cup last month. The expert doctors recommended surgery for Naseem Shah.

    Pakistan’s star bowler Naseem Shah missed out from representing Pakistan in the International Cricket Council (ICC) Men’s World Cup starting October 05 in India due to a shoulder problem.

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    Harriet Pattison, 94, Dies; Landscape Architect With a Tie to Louis Kahn


    After having a son with the famous architect, she built a career, often collaborating with Mr. Kahn on projects, including a New York memorial to Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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    On this day in history, October 4, 1927, Mount Rushmore’s moment of creation begins in South Dakota


    The creation of Mount Rushmore, which set the images of four American presidents in towering monumental relief in the Black Hills of South Dakota, began on this day in history, Oct. 4, 1927. 

    «Mount Rushmore is a project of colossal proportion, colossal ambition and colossal achievement,» writes the National Park Service, which assumed management of the landmark by order of President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933.  

    The monument immortalizes presidents George Washington (1789-97), Thomas Jefferson (1801-09), Theodore Roosevelt (1901-09) and Abraham Lincoln (1861-65). 


    Danish-American sculptor Gutzon Borglum led the effort, which employed about 400 men and women before it was completed on Oct. 31, 1941.

    «A monument’s dimensions should be determined by the importance to civilization of the events commemorated,» Borghlum said of his majestic relief, in which the face of each president stands about 60 feet in height. 

    Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota, with fireworks in the background.   (Photo by H. Armstrong Roberts/ClassicStock/Getty Images)

    «Let us place there, carved high, as close to heaven as we can, the words of our leaders, their faces, to show posterity what matter of men they were. Then breathe a prayer that these records will endure until the wind and the rain alone shall wear them away.»

    When Texas Sen. Tom Connolly questioned the project, Borglum responded fiercely, «Mount Rushmore is eternal. It will stand until the end of time.»

    «A monument’s dimensions should be determined by the importance to civilization of the events commemorated.» — Gutzon Borglum

    The artist never saw his vision to completion. 

    He died of a heart attack in March 1941. His son Lincoln Borglum oversaw the project in its final months. 


    The face of each president was slowly revealed over years of work: first Washington (1930), then Jefferson (1936), then Lincoln (1937) and finally Roosevelt (1939). 

    Washington’s faith in the new republic in its darkest hours earned him the title Father of His Country.


    Jefferson gave humanity the belief that «all men are created equal.» 

    Roosevelt was one of the world’s leading reformers and environmentalists and won the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize.

    And Lincoln emancipated from slavery nearly 4 million Americans and inspired the nation through the tragedy of the Civil War. 

    Mount Rushmore sculptor Gutzon Borglum

    Gutzon Borglum (1867-1941), American sculptor, at work in his studio on the model for Mt. Rushmore. Photograph circa 1930s.  (George Rinhart/Corbis via Getty Images)

    Yet those achievements are not good enough for some Americans today — as Mount Rushmore has come under attack in recent years by «woke» pundits.

    «Can we retire using ‘Mount Rushmore?’ That should be offensive to all of us, especially Native Americans — indigenous people who were the first people here before Christopher Columbus,» former NBA star and basketball analyst Jalen Rose said in a video tweet in August.

    «That land was stolen from them when it was discovered that it contained gold,» he also said. 

    The process for carving the monument from a mountain face of granite and sandstone was ambitious, daring and dangerous.

    Rep. Dusty Johnson, R-South Dakota, responded days later by introducing the Mount Rushmore Protection Act.

    The act prohibits the use of federal funds «to alter, change, destroy or remove the likeness, the name of or any of the faces on the Mount Rushmore National Memorial,» Johnson’s office said in a press release. 


    The process for carving the monument from a mountain face of granite and sandstone was ambitious, daring and dangerous.

    Mount Rushmore visitors on motorcycles

    Bikers stop to take in Mt. Rushmore on Aug. 9, 2021. Every August, hundreds of thousands of motorcycling enthusiasts are attracted to the southwest corner of South Dakota for the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.  (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

    Rock was first blown off the mountain with the use of targeted explosives before the process got increasingly more precise.


    «Dynamite was used until only three to six inches of rock was left to remove to get to the final carving surface,» writes the National Park Service. 

    Not one person died in the 14 years of construction despite the explosives, heights and daunting conditions. 

    «At this point, the drillers and assistant carvers would drill holes into the granite very close together. This was called honeycombing. The closely drilled holes would weaken the granite so it could be removed often by hand.»

    The National Park Service also said, «After the honeycombing, the workers smoothed the surface of the faces with a hand facer or bumper tool. In this final step, the bumper tool would even up the granite, creating a surface as smooth as a sidewalk.»


    The work «was exciting, but dangerous» — yet not one person died in the 14 years of construction despite the explosives, heights and daunting conditions, the NPS reports.

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    Religion and race shape views on cause of climate change cause, survey finds


    Data: PRRI; Chart: Axios Visuals

    Religion and race shape views on whether climate change is caused by human activities — with less than a third of white evangelicals saying it’s driven by people, according to a new survey.

    Why it matters: There’s virtually no debate among scientists over what is causing climate change.

    • Persistent divisions on climate change’s causes threaten to make political consensus on action impossible to reach.

    The big picture: Nearly everyone in the U.S. experienced hotter temperatures driven by human-caused climate change this summer, according to a new Climate Central analysis.

    Zoom in: Three-fourths of Hispanic Catholics and all religiously unaffiliated Americans (76%) believe climate change is caused by human activity, a survey released Wednesday by the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute found.

    • But less than half of Latter-day Saints believe climate change is caused by human activity (48%), and just three in 10 white evangelical Protestants (31%) believe so.
    • A slim majority of white Catholics (56%) and white mainline/non-evangelical Protestants (54%) say climate change is human-caused.
    • Meanwhile, most Americans (61%) believe climate change is caused mainly by human activity such as burning fossil fuels.

    The intrigue: More than eight in 10 Democrats (83%) say climate change is caused by humans, compared to 64% of independents and 28% of Republicans.

    • Republicans are more likely than independents and Democrats to believe that climate change is caused by «natural patterns in the Earth’s environment» — 50%, 28% and 12%, respectively.
    • 35% of Americans agree that the severity of recent climate disasters is evidence that we are in what the Bible calls «the end of times,» compared to 63% who disagree.

    Between the lines: 19% of white evangelical Protestants say there is no evidence that climate change is happening — the largest percentage of any religious group in the survey.

    Reality check: This year is expected to be the warmest on record globally, driven by the combination of an El Niño event in the Pacific Ocean and human-caused global warming, Axios’ Andrew Freedman has reported.

    • The summer was the warmest such season on record, with July becoming the warmest month of any month in instrument data.
    • Next year is expected to be even warmer.
    • Longstanding climate research has shown the central role played by greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and methane, in driving an increase in global temperatures.

    Between the lines: Despite their growth, Hispanics — especially Catholics — are severely underrepresented in most state and federal elected offices.

    What they’re saying: «A lot of white evangelicals believe that the second coming could be imminent so why bother with fighting climate change,» Andrew Chesnut, the Bishop Walter F. Sullivan chairman in Catholic Studies at Virginia Commonwealth University, tells Axios

    • Chesnut said there’s a whole industry of books, films and lectures interpreting wars and natural disasters as signs of the End Times while dismissing science.

    Katharine Hayhoe, an evangelical climate scientist at Texas Tech and chief scientist at the Nature Conservancy, tells Axios nothing in the Bible gives an excuse not to believe that climate change is caused by humans.

    • «For many people, their identity is written, first of all, by their politics and their ideology, and only a distance second by their theology,» she said.

    Methodology: The Faith Factor in Climate Change survey was conducted online between June 8-28. The poll is based on a representative sample of 5,192 adults (age 18 and older) living in all 50 states who are part of Ipsos’ Knowledge Panel®.

    • The margin of sampling error is +/- 1.62 percentage points at the 95% confidence level, for results based on the entire sample.

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    Chinese submarine crew die after being stuck: UK intel report claims


    A nuclear-powered Type 094A Jin-class ballistic missile submarine of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy is seen during a military display in the South China Sea on April 12, 2018. — Reuters
    • Report stated that everyone aboard died due to gas poisoning. 
    • UK report, based on defence intel, is held at high classification.
    • According to reports, China has denied any such incident.

    As many as 55 Chinese sailors were claimed to have died after the nuclear submarine got stuck in a trap set for the United Kingdom sub-surface vessels, according to an intelligence report quoted by Daily Mail Tuesday.

    The UK report read: «Intelligence reports that on the 21st of August, there was an onboard accident whilst carrying out a mission in the Yellow Sea.»

    The report stated that everyone aboard died due to the poisoning of the submarine oxygen crew underwater.

    According to reports, China has denied any such incident.

    It further read: «Incident happened at 08.12 local resulting in the death of 55 crew members: 22 officers, 7 officer cadets, 9 petty officers, 17 sailors. Dead include the captain Colonel Xue Yong-Peng. Our understanding is death is caused by hypoxia due to a system fault on the submarine. The submarine hit a chain and anchor obstacle used by the Chinese Navy to trap US and allied submarines.»

    «This resulted in systems failures that took six hours to repair and surface the vessel. The onboard oxygen system poisoned the crew after a catastrophic failure,» added the report.

    The UK report, which is based on defence intelligence, is held at a high classification.

    A British submariner offered this explanation: «It is plausible that this occurred and I doubt the Chinese would have asked for international support for obvious reasons.»

    «If they were trapped on the net system and the submarine’s batteries were running flat [plausible] then eventually the air purifiers and air treatment systems could have failed.»

    «Which would have reverted to secondary systems and subsequently and plausibly failed to maintain the air. Which led to asphyxia or poisoning.»

    «We have a kit which absorbs CO2 and generates oxygen in such a situation. It is probable that other nations do not have this kind of tech.»

    The similar kind of Chinese submarines are 351ft long and are armed with torpedoes.

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    Phillies notch double-digit hits in Game 1 win over Marlins in wild card series


    Zack Wheeler struck out eight in a sensational effort, José Alvarado preserved the lead with a pivotal strikeout and the Philadelphia Phillies opened a resolute postseason push with a 4-1 win over the Miami Marlins in the opener of their NL Wild Card Series on Tuesday night.

    Nick Castellanos provided the game’s signature moment, directing his ring finger toward a joyous Phillies dugout after a key double and sending a message the defending NL champions crave the cherished piece of jewelry they were denied by Houston last season.

    Castellanos added an RBI double in the eighth inning to score Bryce Harper — who knocked off his helmet as he steamrolled past a stop sign — and the Phillies moved within a victory of an NL Division Series matchup against Atlanta.


    Jose Alvarado #46 of the Philadelphia Phillies reacts after striking out Yuli Gurriel #10 of the Miami Marlins (not pictured) to retire the side during the seventh inning in Game One of the Wild Card Series at Citizens Bank Park on October 03, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)

    Craig Kimbrel worked a scoreless ninth for the save.

    Phillies fans held signs that read «Un-phinished Business» and they were downright delirious when injured slugger Rhys Hoskins fought back tears and threw the ceremonial first pitch.

    The Phillies won 11 postseason games last season, two shy of the ultimate goal and their first World Series title since 2008. The theme of unfinished business — as it is for so many World Series losers — was a key element that permeated throughout the clubhouse this season.


    «We’ve got to get back after it this year, and it’s a different team,» manager Rob Thomson said ahead of the game. «I believe it’s a better team, to be honest with you.»

    Here they are again, this time with star shortstop Trea Turner, playing big games in October — and with Wheeler in top form.

    Wheeler, on the short list of great free-agent signings in team history, was dealing from the start. He threw nine fastballs in the 97-99 mph range in the first inning, the hardest a pitcher who struck out 212 batters has thrown all season.

    The veteran right-hander never backed down as 45,662 fans at Citizens Bank Park roared on every K.

    Wheeler’s slider, nasty. His sinker, filthy.

    Josh Bell reacts to call

    Josh Bell #9 of the Miami Marlins reacts after hitting a double during the seventh inning against the Philadelphia Phillies in Game One of the Wild Card Series at Citizens Bank Park on October 03, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

    Wheeler is simply grateful for another postseason shot a year after he was lifted with a 1-0 lead in the sixth inning of Game 6 in the World Series against Houston. Yordan Alvarez hit a three-run homer off Alvarado later in the inning and the Astros soon clinched the World Series.

    That was last season. Alvarado struck out Yuli Gurriel with two runners aboard to end a Marlins threat in the seventh. The left-hander retired two batters in the eighth, and Jeff Hoffman got the third out of the inning.

    Wheeler threw only 46 pitches through four innings in this one — while Marlins starter Jesús Luzardo labored through 90 over the same span.

    The 26-year-old Luzardo was raised in South Florida and grew up rooting for Marlins stars such as Juan Pierre and Miguel Cabrera.

    Luzardo was 6 years old when he attended Game 3 of the 2003 World Series, won by the Marlins, and was thrilled when he was traded to Miami ahead of the 2021 season.


    His first postseason start for his childhood team hardly went as planned.

    Led by Kyle Schwarber’s 47 homers, the Phillies had six players in the Game 1 lineup with at least 20. But they didn’t need the Schwarbombs and Alec Booms to get the job done, as every starter had at least one hit.

    Johan Rojas, the No. 9 hitter, hammered away at Luzardo with a nine-pitch at-bat for a single that opened the third. He moved to second on a wild pitch and scored on Alec Bohm’s RBI double to left.

    Bryson Stott celebrates home run

    Bryson Stott #5 of the Philadelphia Phillies reacts after hitting a one-run RBI single during the fourth inning against the Miami Marlins in Game One of the Wild Card Series at Citizens Bank Park on October 03, 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Images)


    Bryson Stott rattled Luzardo in the fourth with an RBI single to make it 2-0 and Cristian Pache gave the Phillies a 3-0 lead on a single that scored Castellanos.

    Flip that finger, Nick. The Phillies have their first one.

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    High Blood Sugar: Drinking Black Tea Can Lower Risk Of Diabetes, Claims Study


    According to new research, drinking black tea every day may help to reduce the risk and progression of type 2 diabetes in people by improving blood sugar control. Researchers from the University of Adelaide in Australia and Southeast University in China discovered that daily dark tea drinkers had a 53 per cent lower risk of prediabetes and a 47 per cent lower risk of Type 2 diabetes, even after controlling for established risk factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, body mass index (BMI), average arterial blood pressure, fasting plasma glucose, and cholesterol.

    “The substantial health benefits of tea, including a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes, have been reported in several studies over recent years, but the mechanisms underlying these benefits have been unclear”, notes the study’s co-lead author Associate Professor Tongzhi Wu from the University of Adelaide and The Hospital Research Foundation Group Mid-Career Fellow. “Our findings hint at the protective effects of habitual tea drinking on blood sugar management via increased glucose excretion in urine, improved insulin resistance and thus better control of blood sugar. These benefits were most pronounced among daily dark tea drinkers.”

    These beneficial effects on metabolic control may lie in the unique way dark tea is produced, which involves microbial fermentation, a process that may yield unique bioactive compounds (including alkaloids, free amino acids, polyphenols, polysaccharides, and their derivatives) to exhibit potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, improve both insulin sensitivity and the performance of beta cells in the pancreas, and change the composition of the bacteria in the gut.

    The latest cross-sectional study included 1,923 adults (562 men,1,361 women aged 20-80 years) living in the community across 8 provinces in China. In total, 436 participants were living with diabetes and 352 with prediabetes, and 1,135 had normal blood glucose levels.

    Participants included both non-habitual tea drinkers and those with a history of drinking only a single type of tea. They were asked about the frequency (i.e. never, occasionally, often and every day) and type (i.e. green, black, dark, or other tea) of tea consumption.

    The researchers examined the association between both the frequency and type of tea consumption and excretion of glucose in the urine (assessed by the morning spot urine glucose-to-creatine ratio [UGCR]), insulin resistance (measured using the triglyceride and glucose index [TyG] derived from fasting plasma glucose and fasting triglyceride levels), and glycaemic status (defined as a history of type 2 diabetes, current use of antidiabetic medications, or an abnormal 75g oral glucose tolerance test). People with diabetes often have an enhanced capacity for renal glucose reabsorption, so their kidneys retrieve more glucose, preventing it from being excreted in urine, which contributes to higher blood sugar.

    According to Associate Professor Wu: “These findings suggest that the actions of bioactive compounds in dark tea may directly or indirectly modulate glucose excretion in the kidneys, an effect, to some extent, mimicking that of sodium-glucose co-transporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibitors, a new anti-diabetic drug class that is not only effective at preventing and treating type 2 diabetes, but also has a substantial protective effect on the heart and kidneys.”

    Co-lead author Professor Zilin Sun from Southeast University adds, “Our findings suggest that drinking dark tea every day has the potential to lessen type 2 diabetes risk and progression through better blood sugar control. When you look at all the different biomarkers associated with habitual drinking of dark tea, it may be one simple step people can easily take to improve their diet and health.” 

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    El peligro de usar inteligencia artificial en apps de ligar: así funcionan los asistentes virtuales del amor


    “Soy como una pizza, caliente, deliciosa y siempre dispuesta a compartir. Si puedes hacerme reír, ya tienes un punto a tu favor. ¿Te atreves a unirte a mi aventura?”. Esta bio para Tinder ha sido escrita por ChatGPT. La inteligencia artificial aspira a cambiar las reglas del juego en la búsqueda de pareja. Miles de usuarios recurren a apps y bots que responden por ellos en aplicaciones como Bumble o Tinder para conseguir citas y así encontrar pareja. Algunos usuarios aseguran haber tenido éxito. Pero también muchas voces señalan los riesgos de esta intervención deshumanizadora, ya que la conversación previa es el examen al que sometemos a los demás para optar por quedar en persona.

    Aplicaciones como RIZZ sugieren respuestas para los chats. Otras como YourMove AI prometen “ayudar a superar el bloqueo inicial del escritor que mira fijamente una conversación preguntándose qué decir”. Así lo explica Dmitri Mirakyan, cofundador de esta última app, que tiene más de 100.000 usuarios de más de 90 países: “Imagina que son las siete de la mañana y estás en el tren que te lleva al trabajo mirando tres fotos y una descripción de seis palabras e intentando encontrar una forma ingeniosa de iniciar una conversación. No es por falta de carisma, es difícil entablar una relación con un desconocido a través de un mensaje de texto”.

    Hay servicios que van más allá. Es el caso de CupidBot, que promete “concertar citas mientras duermes”. Su objetivo es ahorrar tiempo y esfuerzo al usuario: busca en apps como Bumble personas de su tipo y chatea por él. “Todo lo que nuestros usuarios tienen que hacer es presentarse en las citas y evaluar la compatibilidad en persona”, afirman sus creadores, que aseguran que este servicio tiene más de 10.000 clientes en Estados Unidos, Francia, Reino Unido, España y Alemania.

    El servicio, cuyo precio parte de los 30 dólares al mes (unos 28 euros), permite ajustar el estilo del chat, el ritmo y los objetivos. Entre los tonos más populares, están el de buen chico, capullo, rico, curioso, ingenioso, indiferente o estable —una mezcla de todo lo anterior—. Pero la personalización no acaba aquí. El usuario puede escoger que el bot se comporte de forma similar a Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe, James Bond, el Capitán Jack Sparrow o Giacomo Casanova.

    ¿Y cómo sabe este servicio qué personas son “de tu tipo”? Desde CupidBot han pedido ayuda a los propios usuarios para entrenar a la inteligencia artificial de cara a encontrar posibles pretendientes. En su canal de Discord, les solicitan por ejemplo que “etiqueten” perfiles sobre mujeres con datos como si están “delgadas, regorditas o gordas”, reafirmando esos prejuicios masculinos. “Ofrecemos [una cuenta] gratis de por vida a las primeras 50 personas que etiqueten 500 perfiles nuevos en su aplicación de citas favorita. Estamos renovando nuestro motor de deslizamiento y nos gustaría recibir más ayuda”, señalan.

    Los usuarios usan Discord para compartir sus expectativas y “triunfos”. Algunos buscan una relación a distancia. “Viajo mucho y las chicas de mi ciudad actual no son realmente mi tipo”, afirma uno de ellos. Otro considera que el “mercado” del amor es “laborioso y molesto”, pero mantiene la esperanza: “Espero que esta inteligencia artificial realmente funcione”. A algunos les ha ido bien. Mientras que uno asegura haberse ahorrado 15 horas “deslizando entre perfiles”, otro afirma haber conseguido dos números de teléfono en solo cinco minutos. Incluso hay quienes anuncian que cancelan su suscripción porque han tenido suerte: “He tenido una media de tres citas por semana. Conocí a alguien fantástico y ahora tenemos una relación sana”.

    Deshonestidad en el origen

    Este tipo de bots trata de buscar a personas compatibles en las apps de citas y concertar una hora y un lugar para tener un encuentro con ellas. “Si normalmente hablamos de la interacción entre dos personas, aquí estamos hablando de la interacción entre una persona y una máquina. Esto tiene algunas complicaciones”, alerta Elena Daprá, psicóloga sanitaria especializada en bienestar psicológico y coordinadora de sección del Colegio oficial de la Psicología de Madrid.

    Para empezar, la experta destaca que la relación parte de un engaño: el de no decirle a la otra persona que es un bot quien está ligando con ella. “¿Qué es lo que nos llama la atención en la relación con el otro? Saber que somos especiales”, señala la psicóloga. En este caso, lo que se le está diciendo a la otra persona es “no eres una prioridad, no eres especial para mí, no voy a gastar mi tiempo en ti”.

    Por una cuestión de responsabilidad afectiva, la psicóloga recomienda avisar a las otras personas de que se está utilizando un bot para ligar. Algo que podría no ser bien recibido, lógicamente. Hay quienes advierten de que aplicaciones como CupidBot hacen que “las citas online sean aún menos seguras para las mujeres”. “Es posible que el hombre con el que has estado hablando e investigando no sea en realidad la persona que se presentó a la cita. Esto es, en el mejor de los casos, extremadamente aterrador”, afirma una usuaria en Reddit.

    Para ella, esto es “especialmente preocupante, ya que esas conversaciones iniciales se utilizan para detectar señales de alerta”. Su publicación le ha gustado a 606 usuarios y tiene 95 comentarios. Otra usuaria comenta que suele prestar atención a las primeras interacciones para intuir “si la otra persona es segura”. “Es preocupante que puedas terminar en una cita con alguien a quien no has examinado de ninguna manera”, señala.

    Encontrar pareja a toda costa

    “Me parecería mal que alguien usara esas apps para contestarme”, asegura Belén Benito. Esta usuaria de Bumble y Tinder de 29 años considera que el hecho de usar la inteligencia artificial así “es una forma de contribuir a que las personas sean consumo y deshumanizarlas”. “Parece que lo único que quieres es llegar a ese estadio final en el que quedas con esa persona y si no es esa, es otra, pero no disfrutar del camino de hablar con alguien y tener en consideración que es un individuo que tiene sentimientos”, sostiene. Le da la sensación de que quienes usan estos servicios buscan “encontrar pareja a toda costa y hacerlo de una forma muy consumista y capitalista, como si fuera una prenda de ropa que ya sé que la quiero, pero no me la quiero ni probar”.

    Hay emociones que Benito duda que transmitan estas apps. “Puede que esa persona esté triste, contenta o con miedo y eso no creo que pueda plasmarlo una inteligencia artificial, algo que me impediría conocer la parte emocional de la otra persona, es decir, su yo al completo”. A ello se suma otro posible inconveniente, como señala Daprá: el de quedar con una persona y comprobar que su comportamiento difiere del que ha mostrado en la app de citas. “Porque no contesta igual, es tímido o demasiado extrovertido o es diferente a lo que he visto”, señala. Y eso es algo que se nota en “cómo nos expresamos, las bromas que hacemos o cuándo nos reímos”.

    Desde CupidBot saben que hay quienes piensan que “engañar a las posibles citas haciéndoles creer que están hablando con una persona inteligente, exitosa, bien hablada, encantadora e ingeniosa en vez de con una inteligencia artificial es deshonesto”. “No lo creemos”, afirman fuentes de la compañía, que insisten en que los usuarios deben seleccionar el tono y el ritmo deseados de sus conversaciones automatizadas, además de proporcionar textos que ellos mismos hayan escrito.

    Como CupidBot imita la personalidad de un usuario, sus creadores consideran que “si se utiliza como un recurso breve, debería causar una incomodidad mínima a terceros”. “Nuestro objetivo no es saturar la aplicación con conversaciones artificiales ni cosificar a las mujeres, sino obligar a las apps de citas a reevaluar cómo funcionan y, mientras tanto, facilitar las citas”, sostienen.

    Y van más allá: imaginan un futuro en el que un sistema sea capaz de predecir la atracción entre dos usuarios y los junte. “En algún momento, parecerá impensable que las personas pasen horas hablando con extraños en una aplicación para medir la posibilidad de atracción, cuando el único indicador efectivo para esto es la interacción en la vida real. Es en ese mundo donde la inteligencia artificial facilitará la interacción humana en lugar de reemplazarla”, concluyen.

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    Multiple people shot near Morgan State University in Baltimore


    Morgan State University is a public historically black research university in Baltimore.

    Jonathan Newton | The Washington Post | Getty Images

    Baltimore police said that multiple people have been shot at an address that appears close to Morgan State University, and that they are investigating an «active shooter.»

    More details about the situation were not immediately clear. Baltimore police said around 10 p.m. on social media platform X that people should shelter in place.

    Follow along for live updates.

    «An active investigation is currently underway related to a report of shots being fired on or near campus. Please stay clear of the area surrounding Thurgood Marshall Hall and the Murphy Fine Arts Center and shelter in place,» the university said in an alert.

    Morgan State University did not immediately respond to requests for comment, and it is not confirmed or clear that it is involved.

    A Baltimore police spokesperson said that there were multiple victims. More details were not available.

    Police on X gave the address as the 1700 block of Argonne Drive, which appears on online maps to be on the campus.

    Morgan State says on its website that it is among the nation’s most diverse historically Black colleges and universities, and the largest in Maryland. It had around 9,100 students in last fall’s semester, it said.

    The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said it was assisting Baltimore police.

    This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

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    Your digestive health is key to your overall well-being


    Your digestive health is key to your overall well-being. Representational image from Unsplash

    Are you facing difficulties finding popular over-the-counter laxatives? 

    Wondering why there’s a shortage, and how to maintain your digestive health without relying on them? 

    Let’s explore these pressing questions and learn how to lead a healthier life.

    The Laxative Shortage Puzzle

    First things first, if you’ve been to your local pharmacy lately and noticed a shortage of commonly used laxatives like Miralax and Dulcolax, you’re not alone. 

    But why are these products disappearing from the shelves?

    Why the Laxative Dilemma?

    One major reason behind the shortage is the growing number of seniors experiencing constipation. 

    As we age, this issue becomes more common, leading to an increased demand for laxatives. 

    But there’s more to it. 

    The importance of gut health is gaining recognition among younger individuals, driving up the demand even further.

    Laxatives: A Quick Fix for Weight Loss?

    Here’s where it gets concerning. 

    Some people are turning to laxatives for weight loss. But does that sound like a safe and sustainable approach to you? 

    It’s not. 

    Effective weight loss should be based on healthy choices, not shortcuts that can harm your body.

    Spotting the Warning Signs

    How can you tell if someone is abusing laxatives? 

    Look for signs such as frequent laxative use, an obsession with bowel movements, unexplained rapid weight loss, or spending too much time eating alone or in the bathroom. These could be red flags.

    The Real Risks of Laxative Misuse

    Misusing laxatives can lead to dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, and even heart problems, especially for those with existing conditions. 


    Your body needs nutrients, and excessive laxative use can prevent proper absorption, leading to vitamin deficiencies.

    Embracing a Healthier Lifestyle

    Now that we’ve discussed the dangers, let’s talk about solutions. Instead of reaching for laxatives, prioritise hydration, consume fiber-rich foods, and include probiotics in your diet. 

    And, don’t forget the power of exercise—it can do wonders for your digestion.

    Your Health Matters: Seek Expert Guidance

    Your health is invaluable.

    So, when facing digestive problems, seeking guidance from a healthcare specialist is essential. They can provide personalised recommendations and, if required, prescribe medications tailored to your specific needs.

    The shortage of laxatives and their misuse are significant health issues. 

    It’s vital to prioritise your overall well-being and make informed decisions for a healthier digestive system and life. 

    Let’s adopt a comprehensive approach to wellness, moving away from temporary solutions and focusing on long-term health.

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